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"Apart from herpes and Lulu – everything is eventually swept away" Just one
shimmering pearl of wisdom from pop-star and polymath James Maker, whose
worldly observations will (like herpes) once again be on everyone’s lips
thanks to his award-winning memoir, remastered with new chapters. If you
hadn’t heard of rock bands Raymonde or RPLA – fronted by James in the 80s and
90s – you might be forgiven for mistaking AutoFellatio for fiction. But here
fact is more fantastical than any novel. We follow our hero from Bermondsey
enfant-terrible to Valencian grande dame, a scenic journey that stops off
variously at Morrissey confidant, dominatrix, singer, songwriter. It is
literally littered with memorable bons mots and hilarious anecdotes that make
you feel like you've hit the wedding-reception jackpot of being unexpectedly
seated next to the groom's flamboyant uncle. According to Wikipedia, very few
men can perform the act of autofellatio. We never discover whether James is
one of them but certainly, as a storyteller, he is one in a million.
‘Glitteringly epigrammatic, it’s a glam-rock Naked Civil Servant in court
shoes. But funnier. And tougher.’ MARK SIMPSON ‘Pistol sharp, loaded with
witty one-liners and peppered with Maker’s scatter gun observations on life,
music and the meaning of good hair.’ PAUL BURSTON James Maker first trod the
boards in 1982 as dancer and backing vocalist with The Smiths, and was
erroneously known as "The Fifth Smith". He subsequently became lyricist and
lead singer with the 1980s Indie group, Raymonde, and 1990s "gay" Hard Rock
group RPLA. In 2004, he supported the New York Dolls.
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